Ernst-Ferdinand Wondrusch
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In the middle of the 70's, after living for a while in California, the painter freed his human subjects from their "extreme situations". There now appeared several quiet landscape paintings, in their centers a visible, inner strength-like "energy field". In the second half of the 70's, as reported in the 1982 catalogue:"there was no continual work as a painter (stage design and film architect)". This was followed in the early 80's by a very impressive series in black oil crayon, portraying sinking ships and silhouette-like, shadowy figures between "tribute" and "disregard", which belongs to one of the best Wondrusch series.

In the middle of the 80's the artist began his commissioned works. A 64 m long oil painting, for Austrian publicity in the United States, illustrates Austria's music history; works are also created for the casinos in Vienna and Baden, such as the painting "Hommage to Hans Zatzka."

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