Ernst-Ferdinand Wondrusch
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About ten years ago, when I first presented Ernst Ferdinand Wondrusch in the "Galerie in der Blutgasse", he was somewhat like a "whiz kid". Even before the opening of the exhibition, all his paintings were sold. The press also attested too his great talent.
With his narrative paintings that seemed so graphically readable, he broke into the Viennese art scene – then dominated by abstract, intellectual tendencies – like a whirlwind.
At the same time he was, and still is, an offspring of those abstract painters. He is curious and was simply not satisfied with just the tension and structure of surfaces, which has made him want to express and manifest his messages in a language different from, or at least clearer than, mere pictorial devices. He has never given up the two decisive components of his artistic endeavors: a concrete tendency based on abstract painting and oil as the most adaptable means of expressing himself.

Prof. Otto Staininger
Director of the House of Artists Vienna, Vienna 1982
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